Pro Evolution Soccer Game Close to Many Hearts

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Pro Evolution Soccer is a sequence of soccer audio-visual games and is a sequel to the International Superstar Soccer series. This series of soccer video games was developed and aired by Konami in the year 1996. The PES 2018 is the latest one in the row which is slated for release in the month of September 2017 and is the seventeenth segment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The Soccer series is released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Features of PES 18

The makers at Konami after listening to so many requests have added some new features to the game to give the players an enhanced experience. There has been a development in some of the features of the game like there will be now more information available about the teams, stadiums, and players to avoid repetition of commentary, thus creating an even better Soccer experience for its followers. Secondly, in the earlier versions of the game, playing online was not a pleasant experience at all but now the servers and online services have been made efficient enough to have less lag. Thirdly, the latest version will now include some of the major teams like Chelsea, Madrid and much more, in addition to Barcelona and Liverpool because fans are craving for more. Then there will be no more biased players, there will be better soundtrack and graphics, an additional number of gaming modes will be introduced and much more.

More than one- third of the countries in the world have access to the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, which has been localized into almost nineteen languages. Apparently, there are so many stars in this game of Soccer that it has become difficult to decide that who should be on the cover this year. If you are a truly spirited fan of Soccer and want to make memorable memories of your own with your choice of players and teams, then make sure you stay updated with the PES.


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